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ELLA BACHE - Skincare (143)

Ella Bache Brush For Massage  -
RRP RM 77.50 Save 34%
RM 51.00
Ella Bache Loofah Earth Body Polisher  200ml/6.88oz
RRP RM 155.00 Save 4%
RM 149.00
Ella Bache Slenderizing Body Spice  200ml/7.02oz
RRP RM 265.00 Save 7%
RM 246.50
Ella Bache Tomato Body Lotion (Salon Size)  300ml/10.14oz
Low Price Picks
RRP RM 326.00 Save 37%
RM 204.00
Ella Bache Tomato Body Lotion  150ml/5.07oz
RRP RM 163.00 Save 22%
RM 126.50
Ella Bache Legtonic 6.6%  180ml/6oz
RRP RM 195.50 Save 39%
RM 118.50
Ella Bache Eternal Restructuring Eye Gel  15ml/0.53oz
RRP RM 301.50 Save 15%
RM 257.00
Ella Bache Eye Contour Serum (Salon Size)  60ml/2.03oz
RRP RM 733.00 Save 41%
RM 432.00
Ella Bache Eye Contour Serum  15ml/0.51oz
Valentine's Sale
RRP RM 208.00 Save 31%
RM 143.00
Ella Bache Non Woven Eyes Patches (Salon Product)  30pcs
Low Price Picks
RRP RM 114.50 Save 36%
RM 73.50
Ella Bache Makeup Removing Milk (Fragrance Free)  200ml/6.76oz
Bargain Zone
RRP RM 147.00 Save 21%
RM 116.50
Ella Bache Deep Cleansing Scrub (Salon Size)  200ml/6.76oz
Low Price Picks
RRP RM 407.50 Save 32%
RM 277.00
Ella Bache Deep Cleansing Scrub  50ml/1.76oz
RRP RM 110.00 Save 5%
RM 104.00
Ella Bache Delicate Exfoliating Gel (Salon Size)  200ml/6.18oz
Special Purchase
RRP RM 733.00
RM 305.50
Ella Bache Frission Exfoliating Cream  50ml/1.92oz
Low Price Picks
RRP RM 118.50 Save 2%
RM 116.50
Ella Bache Nature's Scrub (Salon Size)  10x5g/0.18oz
RRP RM 407.50 Save 32%
RM 277.00
Ella Bache Absorbing Mask (Salon Size)  200ml/6.76oz
RRP RM 448.00
RM 195.50
Ella Bache Beautifying Mask (Salon Size)  200ml/6.7oz
January Top 40
RRP RM 489.00
RM 224.00
Ella Bache Beautifying Mask  50ml/2.02oz
RRP RM 153.00 Save 15%
RM 130.50
Ella Bache Cream Mask  200ml/7.37oz
Bargain Zone
RRP RM 328.00 Save 25%
RM 244.50
Ella Bache Equalizing Mask (Salon Size)  200ml/6.91oz
RRP RM 407.50 Save 32%
RM 279.00
Ella Bache Luminous White Mask (Salon Size)  5x6g/0.21oz
Low Price Picks
RRP RM 407.50 Save 34%
RM 269.00
Ella Bache Equalizing Emulsion  125ml/4.22oz
RRP RM 220.00 Save 18%
RM 179.50
Ella Bache Eternal Night Cream (Unboxed)  50ml/1.69oz
RRP RM 366.50 Save 5%
RM 348.50
Ella Bache Eternal Repair Day Fluid  50ml/1.76oz
RRP RM 403.50 Save 14%
RM 348.50
Ella Bache Eternal Very Rich Reconstructing Cream (Salon Size)  100ml/3.38oz
Low Price Picks
RRP RM 896.00 Save 36%
RM 574.50
Ella Bache External Night Cream  50ml/1.69oz
RRP RM 468.50 Save 14%
RM 403.50
Ella Bache Healthy Glow Cream (Salon Size)  100ml/3.3oz
Low Price Picks
RRP RM 652.00 Save 45%
RM 358.50
Ella Bache Healthy Glow Cream  50ml/1.76oz
RRP RM 366.50 Save 33%
RM 244.50
Ella Bache Intense Repair Gel (Salon Size)  300ml/10.74oz
Bargain Zone
RRP RM 1,955.00 Save 45%
RM 1,075.50
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