6 Secrets to Making Fragrance Last

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Making fragrance last is not a game for wimps. If you want your signature scent to last from morning till night, you'll need to strategically plan ahead. Here are six easy tips that anyone can try.

Tip #1
Spritz when your skin is still damp from the shower, and it will last longer. Use a perfumed shower gel from the same line to get even better results. Try Hermes¡Š Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Coffret (Us$142.50), which includes a perfumed Shower Gel.

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Tip #2
For extra longevity, layer the fragrance on top of a moisturizer. Any emollient will give the fragrance something to 'grip' onto. For the best results, use a scented lotion from the same fragrance line. Try Bvlgari¡Šs Omnia Coral Coffret (US$106), which includes a bar of soap, a bottle of lotion, and a shower gel on top of the Eau de Toilette. Or get Acqua di Parma's Fico Di Amalfi Vitalizing Body Lotion (US$71).

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Tip #3
Spritz it, then leave it. After spraying, do everything possible not to rub your skin together, because that just makes the top notes of the fragrance disappear faster. Wrists are the most popular culprit, so watch those hands!

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Tip #4
Make your clothes smelling amazing, and you¡Šve won half the battle. We like to wrap a bar of scented soap in several square of tissue paper, and then leave it in our drawers. Our clothes go on already fragrant. Christian Dior has you covered with the Miss Dior Silky Soap (US$26). For something less sweet and more refreshing, try Penhalion's Ellenisia Soaps ($US34.50).

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Tip #5
Spritz on your hairbrush and run it through your hair before leaving the house. This will give your locks a sweet-smelling infusion that will last throughout the day. Whatever you do, don't spray directly on your head, because alcohol can break down hair follicles, and nobody wants that.

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Tip #6
Use a perfume oil or roll-on to touch up throughout the day. These small, easy-to carry accessories pack a punch. Not only do perfume oils have a higher concentration of fragrance than the average perfume, but they usually come in smaller sizes too, so you can tote this baby around all day. Get the Salvatore Ferragamo's Signorina Coffret (US$138), which includes a 7ml Roll On!

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